About us

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The nerds at work

We are a small group of like-minded young people, who have shared an interest in computer technology and had formed an informal “IT- group” under the leadership of Alexander Haase in the Autism Center Chemnitz ever since 2009.

Since people with certain special interests (in addition to a social impairment) may easily be called “nerds”, it made sense to change the name of the group accordingly. Currently we call ourselves “NerdsClub” and still regularly spend our spare time together doing all kinds of things like travelling, etc. Quite a few years ago, we had the idea to turn our hobby into a profession and prove our unique abilities to the society at large. This marked the beginning of “NerdsClub IT Service”, which strives to offer sincere and honest, high-quality and great value-for-money services. As fully trained or still in-traning IT Specialists (“Fachinformatiker” being the official German name of the job) and being autodidactive (self-taught) on top of it, we would be happy to prove our abilities to our clients. We would like to extend our heatfelt gratitude to the Autism Center Chemnitz for their incredible support over the past years.

Since we are always excited about any new challenges, we would be most happy to consider any special requests from our clients, even if they would mean new ventures or be outside our field of expertise.